I'm Marco.
I can help you grow your business through strategic planning and product management operations expertise.

Marco Suvilaakso
Wellness , Sport and Wearables Category Expert & Strategist

What do you want to achieve?

I help companies, big and small, start-ups, investors and VCs in the vibrant Wellness/Health, Sports/Fitness and Wearables categories.


Are you a start-up with product or service seeking to grow? 

Do you want to have a credible, realistic plan for scalable international growth?

I can help you with practical guidance based on many years of strategic planning and product management know-how. With a fresh perspective, I can help you to build that winner strategy that will get your team energised and your potential investors excited.

Investors, VCs and Scale-ups

Do you seek strategic analysis of companies or new concepts in the wearables or wellness category? 

Are you  wanting to establish scalable product management practices in your organization based on real-world international experiences? 

I can provide you with strategic consulting, advisory expertise, Product Strategy, Product Management Best Practices and Team Coaching.

Conference and Event organisers

Are you searching for a dynamic speaker for your upcoming wearables or wellness/fitness tech conference? 

I can provide you with highly engaging presentations that share perspectives and insights based on my nearly 20 years of industry pioneering product leadership in the Wearables, Wellness/Health, Sports and Fitness categories. 


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My Story

I am a trans-Atlantic guy! I started my life, and professional career in Toronto, Canada and have continued to build on my experience based in Finland. Over 20 years in the Tech Business experience in North America and Europe have helped me develop a uniquely well-rounded perspective.

The core of my experience is based on strategic product management in the Wellness, Fitness and Wearables sectors, formulating winning strategies that delivered focus and engagement. I have lead many teams from concept development through the entire life-cycle, portfolio planning for many dozens of products and services has generated hundreds of millions of Euros/Dollars over the years.

As a freelancer, I am passionate about understanding your company’s needs and responding with creative and pragmatic solutions. My goal is to ensure that you are feeling good and confident about the result. Helping companies to succeed towards growth is incredibly fulfilling. I look forward to speaking with you.